Negative Interest Rates

On this episode I discuss the IMF giving the green light to move interest rates deeply into the negative and discuss what the future might look like for the economy.

You can view the IMF paper here


1.00 IMF working paper on negative interest rates.

2.10 Negative interest rates is a bad idea.

2.50 US recession

3.00 Will switched his super investments to defensive

3.30 US tax cuts and share buy backs

4.00 It's part of the cycle

4.40 Property and share markets will boom

5.00 The most money will be made and lost in the last 10 years

5.20 The gap between the rich and the poor in America will continue to widen

5.50 Bye bye cash




Will Bell Mortgage Broker is a mortgage and finance broker based in Melbourne specializing in residential home loans.  Will is all about the average Australian understanding just enough of the broader economy to take action on your own personal economy.  He is the host of the My Personal Economy Podcast.

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