Being Australian we have the belief that that the value of a fair go ingrained in our culture.

In my experience in the work force that belief changed with our continually changing culture and looking forward to the future I see less and less of that.

I left employment in the banking industry so I could treat customers how I wanted to and feel forced into selling them products so I could meet my targets for the shareholders.

That idea of treating my customers well has led to massive amounts of trust placed in me.  I've come to realise that things in this day and age are so complicated most people just slip these things under the rug.  The problem here is that this means that big business is taking your wealth without you even realising it.  Until you decide to seriously look at your finances again which is then generally too late.

I hope to give my audience and customers my view based on all of my experience.  I want people to at least acknowledge the broader economy in the hope it sows a seed to take action and have some control over their own personal economy.

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